Are Images Slowing Down Your Website?Are images slowing down your website? Every second counts! When a visitor comes to your website, they expect speed. A 2009 Forrester study showed that the average online shopper expects your pages to load in two seconds or less. After only three seconds, up to 40% will abandon your site.1 Ouch! Making sure your images are not too big can really help speed up your site. Learn how to resize your images below:

Images slow you down!

One of the biggest culprits for slow page load times are the images on your page. Does that mean you should get rid of them? No way! Images are incredibly important for user engagement. The trick is to make the images small. “Small” in this case doesn’t necessarily mean that the image has small dimensions on the page. What’s important is that the file size is small. Huh – so how can you change that?

There’s a free plugin for that!

Good news :-)! If you have a WordPress site, then I recommend that you download the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin. This handy little plugin will automatically optimize your images as you upload them, without degrading their quality. That’s right! It’s a set-and-forget plugin. Once you install it, it will work its magic behind the scenes whenever you upload an image.

What about your existing images?

More good news! After you install the plugin, you can use it to optimize all of your existing images too, with just a couple of clicks. Let me show you how:

1. Go to your media library. Click on the “Media” tab in your dashboard.

Optimize Images Step 1

2. Select all your images. Check the checkbox at the top of your list of images.

Optimize Images Step 2

3. Choose the Bulk Optimize action. Select the action called “Bulk Optimize” from the bulk actions drop-down menu.

Optimize Images Step 3

4. Start optimizing! On the Bulk EWWW Image Optimize screen, click the “Start Optimizing” button.

Optimize Images Step 4

5. Check the results. In your media library, you should now see a column for the Image Optimizer, telling you how much your file sizes were reduced.

Optimize Images Step 5

That’s it! Time to rest easy. All future images that you upload will be automatically processed. Congratulations! Your website page load speed should now be improved.

Leave me a comment below to let me know that you’ve taken this important step to making your website perform better!

1. Forrester Consulting, “eCommerce Web Site Performance Today: An Updated Look At Consumer Reaction To A Poor Online Shop- ping Experience” A commissioned study conducted on behalf of Akamai Technologies, Inc., August 17, 2009

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