"I'm proud of what we accomplished […], and have you to thank for it. The feedback from the portal users has been glowing.

We have been incredibly grateful for your support and expertise this past year, and […] we would not have this portal without your help."


Sarah Schlote
BC, Canada

AccessAlly Membership: Design / Development

Sarah’s goal for this project was to move an in-person program online to enable scaling of delivery both from a reach perspective and to enable easier administration.

Our design was based on EQUUSOMA®’s existing brand.

We created a highly customized registration form that collects profile information from new members and records their agreement to a number of terms and conditions. We had several order forms for the various program offerings, and handled complex tax requirements in which only a portion of the product was taxable. These order forms were paired with numerous coupon codes supplied to participants from past iterations of the product.

We created two levels of training program for members as well as content for teaching assistants. The program content was released using a combination of time-based and progress-based content dripping.

One of the challenges we faced with this build was complex conditional content inclusion and page redirection based on member characteristics such as teaching assistants versus students, and geographically-based cohorts.

We also created a number of date-based automations for onboarding and session reminders which also contained conditional logic around the same criteria. The automation was further complicated by the need to handle a number of special cases and exceptions for members who had taken portions of the program offline in the past.

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