Sign Up icon or buttonWere you aware that you can have subscribers opt-in to your AWeber newsletter right from your Facebook business page? In fact, most email/autoresponder service providers give you an easy way to set up an app on your Facebook page to collect subscribers for your newsletter. Don’t miss an easy opportunity to grow your list using your Facebook page!

In this post, I’ll show you step by step how to implement this using one of the most popular email services out there: Aweber. AWeber’s integration with Facebook is a little tricker than MailChimp’s, but their opt-in forms are more sophisticated, i.e., you can more easily configure them with your own branding, and include images.

When a visitor to your Facebook page fills in the form, they’ll receive an email from AWeber asking them to confirm their subscription (this is the double opt-in), and then they’re on your list. It’s as easy as pie!

Let’s take it step by step:

1. Log in to your AWeber account.

2. Make sure you have created a sign-up form on AWeber.

The sign-up form that appears on Facebook will be one that you’ve created in AWeber, so the first step is to make sure you’ve created at least one form. To check whether you have a form, first make sure the correct email list is selected at the top left of the window:
AWeber List Selection


Then, click on the “Sign Up Forms” tab.
AWeber Sign Up Forms Tab


If you do have a form created already, you’ll see it listed in the content area of the window. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll see a green button to create one. You’ll need to follow through the steps to do that first. AWeber has a helpful 2 minute video to help you with this, in case you get stuck.

Tip: the form you use/create must be at least 300px wide.

3. Check the “Facebook” checkbox.”

From the “Sign Up Forms” tab, click on the name (in blue) of the form you want to use. This will open the form. Click through to Step 2 Settings:
AWeber Sign Up Form Settings


Then, check the “Facebook Integration” checkbox:
AWeber Facebook Checkbox


Remember to save your form using the green button.

Set up the Integration in Facebook

4. Log into Facebook

Next, log in to Facebook as yourself (not your page).

5. Add the AWeber app

Click this link to add the app:

The following window will open:
AWeber Form Tool

6. Add app to page

Click the blue “Add app to page” button.

A Facebook window will open to your profile home page in Facebook. Click the down arrow on the top-right of your page, and choose to use Facebook as the page that you want the app added to.

Use Facebook As

This will open your business Facebook page. Scroll down your page, and look on the left side for the section labelled “Apps.”

7. Click on the Email Signup App

Facebook Apps List

8. Configure the App

After you click on the app, you’ll see a message that “This page has not been set up yet!” Click “Configure.”
AWeber App Configure

9. Allow Access

You will then be prompted to enter your AWeber login details in order to allow Facebook to connect to your AWeber account. After you have entered your AWeber login details press the “Allow Access” button.

AWeber App Allow Access

The “Configure” page will reappear. Click configure again.

10. Choose your form and list

Choose your list, then choose your the form you selected back in Step 3.
AWeber Webform Page Tool
AWeber Webform Page Tool Select List

Click to save your changes.
Save Changes

That’s it! You now have a sign-up form on your page. You may want to complete the extra steps below to polish the appearance a little.


Customise the tab name and image.

To change the name of the tab where your form appears, click the “Settings” link at the top of the page. Then click on Apps.
Facebook App Settings

Look for your new AWeber Email Marketing app, and click on the “Edit Settings link below it.
AWeber App Settings

You will then see a pop up in which you can change the tab name from “Email Signup” to something different and the tab image from the default AWeber one to something custom.

Tip: Your image must be a .jpg, .gif, or .png file. The size of the image must be 111 x 74 pixels and the file size limit is 1 MB.
Edit AWeber App Settings


My tab isn’t showing up!

The new tab that you’ve just created may not be in one of the top three spots, and may only appear when you click on the dropdown arrow beside “More.”
Facebook Tab Configuration Step 1

If you want to move it up, then click on “Manage Tabs” and drag the new tab up in the list to have it appear first.
Facebook Tab Configuration Step 2


I hope you found this tutorial on AWeber integration with Facebook useful! If you did, please take a moment now to share it with your friends and business colleagues. Thank you!

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