MailChimp and Facebook IntegrationDid you know that you can collect subscribers for your MailChimp newsletter right from your Facebook business page? In fact, most email/autoresponder service providers give you an easy way to set up a tab on your Facebook page to collect subscribers for your newsletter. Don’t miss an easy opportunity to grow your list using your Facebook page!

In this post, I’ll show you step by step how to implement this using one of the most popular email services out there (and the one I use myself): MailChimp. MailChimp’s opt-in forms are quite bare-bones, however, the integration with Facebook is super-easy to configure. The sign-up form looks just like the default sign-up form for your list, and works just the same way. When a visitor to your Facebook page fills in the form, they’ll receive an email from MailChimp asking them to confirm their subscription (this is the double opt-in).

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Let’s go step by step:

1. Log in to your MailChimp account.

2. Connect your personal Facebook account

The first step is to connect your personal Facebook account (the one that has administrative access to the Facebook business page where you want to put the opt-in form).
a) Click your user name then Account then Integrations.

Facebook-MailChimp Integration Step 1

Facebook MailChimp Integration Step 2

b) Select the Facebook option. Note: If you are logged in to Facebook before you start this step, make sure it’s to the account you want to connect.

Facebook MailChimp Integration Step 3

Facebook will prompt you to log in, if you’re not already. For this to work, you have to allow each of the permissions that Facebook prompts you to accept. After you’ve connected your Facebook account, the Facebook icon in MailChimp will appear in full colour.

3. Configure your settings in MailChimp.

In your MailChimp window, you’ll see some settings to configure (click the image to view larger).

Facebook MailChimp Integration Step 4

(a) You see a drop-down menu with a list of all the business pages you administer. Choose the page where you want to add the opt-in. If you administer more than one page, you can select each one in turn to connect it to a separate list.

(b) Select the list to which you want visitors to your Facebook page to be subscribed.

(c) Choose “Yes” to display the Facebook tab. This is what creates a new tab, or application, on your Facebook page.

(d) Choose the theme style that you want. In the first case (“My List’s Theme”), the opt-in form will look exactly like the default opt-in form for your list, which you can style through the MailChimp interface. In the second case, the fields and buttons are styled with Facebook branding You can try both to see which you prefer. I use my own branding.

(e) Finally, you can customise the text that displays on the Facebook tab. That text is you call to action. Along with an optional custom image for your application, this is what you have available to use to get your visitors to click, so make it clear and compelling.

(f) Don’t forget to save!

When you’ve finished, you can preview the tab on Facebook. Click the blue “preview on Facebook Page” link. Make sure you do visit your Facebook page, and make sure the new tab is there. I always suggest testing to make sure it works by subscribing yourself.

You’ve finished! Now, if someone signs up on your Facebook page, they’ll be automatically sent a confirmation to be added to the list that you connected the form with.

Extras: My tab isn’t showing up!

The new tab that you’ve just created may not be in one of the top three spots, and may only appear when you click on the dropdown arrow beside “More.”
Facebook Tab Configuration Step 1

If you want to move it up, then click on “Manage Tabs” and drag the new tab up in the list to have it appear first.
Facebook Tab Configuration Step 2

Extras: I want a custom picture on my application.

Facebook Tab Configuration Step 3

If you want to display your own custom image for your new application (recommended), then you need to head over to Facebook, and make that change there. Here are the instructions:

1. Open your browser to Facebook. Click on the dropdown in the top right, and switch users so that you are using Facebook as the page where the new opt-in resides:
Facebook Tab Configuration Step 5

2. Then, from the top of the page, click on “Settings.”
Facebook Tab Configuration Step 6

3. On the left side, click on “Apps.”
Facebook Tab Configuration Step 7

4. On the right, look for the MailChimp app, and click “Edit settings.”
Facebook Tab Configuration Step 8

5. Click “Change” to upload a custom image. Your image must be a .jpg, .gif, or .png file. The size of the image must be 111 x 74 pixels and the file size limit is 1 MB.
Facebook Tab Configuration Step 9Facebook Tab Configuration Step 10


I hope you found this tutorial on MailChimp integration with Facebook useful! If you did, please take a moment now to share it with your friends and business colleagues. Thank you!

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