Frequently Asked Questions

getting set up with accessally

Why is it recommended to separate my marketing and membership sites onto different websites?

There are a few reasons this is a good idea.

1. A public-facing marketing site and your private membership site have different technical requirements. For example, you'll want a different set of plugins to support the different requirements of each. Separating the sites means you don't have to overload a site with all the plugins for both. In addition, your marketing site should be SEO-optimized, whereas that's not needed for your membership site, where access to content requires a password. Two separate sites also means you can choose two different WordPress themes if you want: one suited to a brochure site, and one suited to membership.

2. You may want a different set of people to have access to each site. For example, your membership site specialist may not be the one maintaining your social media plugins etc. You also may not want all your membership clients to be logging in to your marketing site.

3. Separating your sites means you don't have a single point of failure. If you membership site goes down for any reason, your marketing site is still live.

4. By mixing public and members-only content, you risk confusing your users with the permissions and redirects that are part of a membership site. In addition, visitors coming to your marketing site and your membership site have two very different reasons to visit, and it's good to provide content that's focused on their needs.

In summary, it is possible to have a single site if your marketing requirements are light, but two sites makes for a clean separation for both development and user experience.

Your membership site can be on it's own domain, or on a subdomain (e.g., members.mydomain.com). You can keep the same branding across both sites.

What do I need to run my AccessAlly website?

WordPress is a free, open source platform that your website gets built on.

You do need a few paid pieces on top to make it run:

1) a theme -- Beaver Builder is recommended. (Technically, there are free themes available, but having a paid one helps to you to get a quality theme that's well supported)

2) hosting -- somewhere to run the site, where all your files live

3) certain plugins, e.g. for backups

Where do I get the AccessAlly and ProgessAlly (if required) serial keys?

When you purchase AccessAlly and ProgressAlly (if required) you will get an id and password to log in to https://access.accessally.com where you can click on this icon:

And then this tab. The keys will show up where the grey boxes are on the right of this image:

Do I need wordpress.org or wordpress.com?

To run AccessAlly you will need WordPress.org. This is free and included in your hosting package. You do not need to set anything up as this will be done by Julie (unless you already have a site up and running).

Please add your username, password and url (e.g. www.yourwebsite.com) to the notebook in Teamwork.

Do I need a hosting provider and who should I use?

You will need a hosting provider who will host your wordpress.org website. AccessAlly has some more information and recommendations which you can find here.

Note: you don't need to do all the steps in this article - just choose and purchase a hosting package, and then provide your login info in the Teamwork notebook. Julie will install WordPress for you.

Please add your username, password and cpanel url (provided by your hosting provider) to the notebook in Teamwork.

What do I need to know about privacy policies?

This link provides a good overview of privacy policies:


Do I need to purchase BackupBuddy?
BackupBuddy is optional. Julie will use it as she builds your site and will install it under her developer license.
On one of your calls with Julie you can talk about whether you want to use it going forward once your site is finished.
What video services does AccessAlly support?

If you want to use video objectives (where you can have a progress objective auto-checked when someone completes watching a video) AccessAlly supports Vimeo, Wistia, or YouTube .

Vimeo is by far the most popular with our clients, and is therefore the one Julie is most familiar with. We have had no issues with it. However, Vimeo may charge for using over 1TB bandwidth (see the next FAQ).

Is it okay to use Vimeo with AccessAlly?

It is perfectly fine to use Vimeo with AccessAlly however you may find that you will be charged if your monthly bandwidth exceeds 1000GB.

Vimeo's Terms of Service state (edited) - "We may charge for excessive bandwidth use when: (3) you monetize Vimeo-hosted videos using a third-party payment solution".

More from Vimeo - "All of Vimeo's self service plans include unlimited bandwidth within the Vimeo player for non-monetized use cases only. We also enable up to 1,000 GB of bandwidth per month for playback within monetized use cases & within third party players, however clients that would like to use more than the limit have the option to upgrade to a Vimeo Custom plan."

So if you stay under the 1TB bandwidth per month, you will be fine.

Another solution is Amazon S3 and AccessAlly will be creating an Amazon S3 video player in their next release (early 2020).

Is there anywhere I can check my video bandwidth usage?

You can get a rough estimate of your bandwidth usage at - https://www.discovervideo.com/bandwidth-calculator/

What vimeo privacy settings should I used?

To change settings on more than on video at once

  1. In Vimeo select the videos that you want the settings to apply to, and click 'Privacy'

  1. In Privacy select the settings below

To change settings on individual videos -

  1. Select the video
  2. Select 'Privacy'
  3. Select the settings below

accessally and your CRM

What is a CRM and do I need one?

In order for AccessAlly to work, it must integrate with a CRM (customer relationship management).

AccessAlly works with Drip, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Keap, Infusionsoft and ONTRAPORT, the latter 2 being the most expensive. 

What information do you need from ONTRAPORT?

You will need to provide your login id and password. You also need to make sure that the IP address restriction is disabled:



Can I use Drip’s “Send Test Email” button to test an AccessAlly auto login link in an email in my workflows?

No. You cannot use the “Send Test Email” button to test an AccessAlly auto login link. The merge fields used in the link will not get populated, so you won’t be able to log in. 

Instead, you should find a test contact that exists in both Drip and WordPress, and has a valid password and access tags, and add it to the workflow that contains the email you want to test.

To do that, search for the test user with a filter (Email address equal to xxx) to create a segment of one, and then use the Bulk Operations to add that segment to the workflow.

Payment Gateways with accessally

Do I need to connect both PayPal and Stripe?

If you are already using an existing payment gateway then you can continue to use that.

If not, we recommend using AccessAlly order forms which offer both PayPal and Stripe. You can connect either or both whichever is best for you.

What information from Stripe do you need?

We will need your API keys adding to the notebook in Teamwork. You need a pair of keys for test and a pair of keys for live e.g. pk_live_xxx, sk_live_xxx, pk_test_xx, and sk_test_xxx.

The screenshot below shows you how to get these -

Stripe API Keys

What information from PayPal do you need?

We will need your API username, API password and signature adding to the Teamwork notebook.

The screenshots below show you how to get these -

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

working with jd waterhouse

How do I set up an automatic payment for my invoice?

You can find information here about setting up automatic payments for your invoices through Freshbooks.

How do I do 'xyz' in Teamwork?

We will be happy to screenshare with you and walk you through the basics of using Teamwork.

However Teamwork does have a comprehensive help section where you can find out how to do just about anything. You can access it through the drop down menu under your photo in Teamwork (in the right hand corner) or by going here.