How to Create and Use a Google Form

Google forms are incredibly useful for conducting surveys, and gathering information of all kinds from clients or visitors to your website. In this article, I’m going to give you step-by-step instructions for creating and customizing a Google form, and embedding it on your website.

A Google form is a specific kind of Google Doc that allows you to collect answers to questions. The questions can be posed in a variety of forms, including multiple choice, long answer, or a list of choices.

To get started, you need to be registered with Google Drive. That’s the home of Google Docs. If you haven’t registered, then you can sign up here.

Google Drive


Once you’ve signed up, this is what you’ll see when you are logged in.

Google Drive

Click the red create button, and choose Form.

Create a Google Form

Give your form a title, and choose your theme. We’re going to call ours “Client Survey,” and accept the default theme.


After you click okay, you’ll see the form designer. Your form name will be pre-filled for the title. You’ll want to fill in a description for your form, and then fill out the information for the first question. Here, I’ve chosen “multiple choice” as the question type, which then allows me to add as many options as I’d like below.

To add your next question, click on Add Item at the bottom.

Add a question to a Google Form

If you click the drop down arrow beside Add Item, you’ll be able to choose your question type before it’s added.


For our next question, I’ve added a long answer input (“Paragraph text”). Notice that you can also add in Help Text to give your visitor more information about what you want them to enter.

Adding a question to a Google Form

After you click Done, you can see what your form looks like.

A sample Google form

Below the form is where you can customize the message that your visitors will see once they submit the form.

Customizing the confirmation message for a Google Form

When you’ve finished customizing your message, click on Send Form. That will give you a link to the form you can share, via a link, or through social media, or by emailing people directly from this interface.

Another extremely useful option is that you can embed this form right into your website! This has the advantage of keeping your visitors right on your website as they answer questions, and can look very professional. To get the HTML code you’ll need to paste into your site, click the “Embed” button.

(Note: it is possible to set up custom styling of your form, beyond the themes provided by Google. To do this, you need to code some custom CSS. That is beyond the scope of this article.)

Embedding a Google Form in a webpage

A dialog will pop up that provides you with the HTML to copy and paste into your website. Note that you can customize the width and height of your form so that it fits nicely onto your own web page.

Embedding a Google form into your website

Once you are done, you need to set up where to collect the responses, and how you want to be notified when someone responds. Keep reading! You can find the step-by-step instructions right here in Part 2 of this article!

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