Josh Nichol

"I started with an old broken down site. Julie has single handedly created a website that has a global presence and runs without problems. The professionalism of my site now is on par with the best in the industry. Julie and her team are totally responsible for that transition and for that I am so grateful!

You can tell Julie cares about her clients and goes the extra mile. She also has the ability to problem solve like no other. Her expertise with AA and Ontraport are better than anyone else I have experienced on the market. And she is Canadian!

I would absolutely recommend anyone to Julie, she is in a league of her own in many ways, one of the best in the business. She saved our online business. With her patient and attentive way she figured out what we needed and turned it into a reality.

Thank you so much for the bottom of my heart for everything you have done! Now that we are working together I will never be leaving!"


Josh Nichol
Online Entrepreneur and Horse Clinician
Colinton, AB, Canada

AccessAlly Membership: Design / Development

Josh had an existing AccessAlly site that was built on Divi and backed by the ONTRAPORT CRM. This original membership site was really just a collection of videos, without a coherent structure. Josh has a wealth of excellent content, and it was time to present it in a more professional way, and in a way that could be more easily digested by his members.

We rebuilt the membership from scratch, adding a new custom design and organising the content into a Master Course with sections, modules, and lessons to guide users through, and reduce their sense of overwhelm.

Customer support had been costing Josh a lot of time, and most issues were around members managing their subscriptions. We created new products and offers through AccessAlly, rather than ONTRAPORT. This allows us to easily provide user self-cancellation, as well as self-service subscription replacement if members want to change levels or payment plans.

Josh continues to work with us on retainer to maintain and enhance his offerings.

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