Mental Health in Minutes

Mental Health in Minutes


"Engaging Julie for the custom development of my AccessAlly membership site was hands down the best business decision I could have made. My membership is unique with surprising complexity but Julie’s creativity and solution-focused approach turned my dreams into reality, even finding a solution for a seemingly unsolvable problem."

Lindsay Recknell


AccessAlly Membership Migration

In this project, we migrated content from MemberVault to a brand new AccessAlly membership site for Language of Mental Health (formerly "Mental Health in Minutes"), where instructor Lindsay Recknell helps companies improve the mental health of their employees.

Lindsay’s content consists of “modules,” which are like mini-courses containing video and downloadables. We used the FacetWP plugin with Elementor add-on to present these modules in a visual grid that could be filtered by content level and type.

We set up a credit system where members receive credits each subscription period, which they can "spend" to unlock a module of their choice.

Lindsay sells her membership as a subscription to big companies, so we set up the Teams feature so that only one company representative could unlock new content, which would then be available to other employees. To learn more about how we used a new feature of AccessAlly to enable this, check out this case study.

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