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ONTRAPORT Affiliate Program Questionnaire

ONTRAPORT Affiliate Program Details

  • Global Settings

    These apply to all affiliate programs you will create in ONTRAPORT.
  • i.e., you will pay partners when they have accumulated at least $X in commissions
  • See this link for an explanation of the difference.
  • Cookies are used to track people who click on links. If a potential referred lead clicks on a partner’s link, it’ll cookie the lead in their browser for the amount of time you set here. That means that if the lead fills out the form or makes a purchase during that time, the credit will be given to your partner; if the lead completes these steps after the cookie expiration, there is no way to track which partner should get credit for the sale.

    If you choose "Other", specify a number of days or months.

  • Program-Specific Settings

    These apply to this particular program.
  • A one tier system means that the only time a commission is made is when someone refers your product and a sale is made.

    A two tier system allows for the original referrer to make another, usually smaller commission whenever someone who they referred makes a referral that ends up in a sale. This of course, gives your partners an incentive to refer people who refer.

  • Commissions are paid only on products that are part of the Partner program. There is no limit to the number of products you can have in the program, and no limit on the number of programs any individual product can be on.

    Please number your products, and list them one per line, e.g.:

    • 1. Course Name
    • 2. Program Name
    • 3. Block of Consulting Hours
    • 4. Membership Name
    • 5. Widget
    • Numbered one per line to correspond to the above list, please specify whether you will pay a flat rate, or a commission. If you have a two-tier program, specify the rate or the amount for each tier. For each product, either:

      "Percentage," [Tier 1%], [Tier 2%]
      "Flat," [Tier 1 amount], [Tier 2 amount]

      For example:
      • 1. Percentage, 10%, 5%
      • 2. Percentage, 20%, 5%
      • 3. Flat, $50, $25
      • 4. Percentage, 10%, 5%
      If you have a one tier program, you need only specify one percentage or one amount for each product.
    • You can choose to review and manually approve an affiliate before adding them to the program. Or you can automatically add anyone who completes the membership application form.
    • You may have a single link to a sales page, or you may have a number of opt-in and sales page links that your affiliates can share, and receive a commission if a contact purchases by first visiting their link.

      Please provide a list of the shareable URLs, one per line, with a display name for each one that tells you affiliates what it is. For example:

      1. Freebie opt-in:
      2. Membership sales page:
      3. Course sales page:
    • You may have ad-sized graphics that you want to provide for your affiliates to embed on their sales pages. If you answer yes, I will reach out to you to collect those from you separately.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.