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"I'd always done my own website set-up and I was worried I wouldn't be able to maintain it myself, but Julie made it very easy to take over from her and she didn't even flinch when I gave her a huge flow-chart of the program.

We're getting 98% less bug tickets and complaints about the mobile responsiveness of the website have disappeared. People are no longer citing website issues as the reason they're cancelling, so our churn has reduced.

Our program's service delivery is infinitely smoother! Everyone loves it!! It's getting rave reviews on mobile too. I'm thrilled!! That was wayyyy too easy. I feel like I cheated lol.

I would recommend Julie, she was incredibly capable and easy to work with. I really liked that I could check in with her when needed.

Thank you so much Julie for making this such an easy process! Everybody is raving about how much easier it is to find things, and it's been super easy to troubleshoot compared to before!"

Allana Robinson

Allana Robinson
Parenting Coach
Petawawa, ON, Canada

Design / Development / Membership Migration

Allana wanted to migrate her website from the ActiveMember360 platform to AccessAlly. She was looking for an updated, easy to maintain and add to, on-brand membership portal that is user-friendly and mobile responsive, and that integrates with her existing ActiveCampaign CRM. That's what we delivered!

We started with a fresh and fun design that was much easier for her users to navigate. Mobile responsiveness was key, as she had been having issues with her current membership pages on mobile devices. We rebuilt the site using the Elementor theme, and her users are now loving the mobile experience.

The site now has a new look, better organisation, and is built on a solid foundation that can grow right along with Allana's membership.

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