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Stacey came to me with a rush job to convert one of her WP Courseware courses to AccessAlly on a brand new membership website using the Divi theme. We got that up and running, and the project quickly expanded to add all of her content, convert a few more courses, and migrate her existing members into the new site.

We created a new course template with a cleaner, more consistent look. We also moved all of her order forms over to AccessAlly, too.

Here's what the client said:


"I can't speak highly enough about Julie and her team. She's one of the best people I've ever hired when it comes to creating a project roadmap with milestones and staying on track no matter what. We had some pretty demanding timelines and she was also clear in her communication about what would be done, when. She delivered early just to make sure we had time to test and see if it worked the way we wanted. Julie somehow made it easy to relax even though we were quickly coming up on two launches."

Stacey Murphy, Earth Adventure, San Diego, CA, USA

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