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Liberated Leaders

AccessAlly Membership

This AccessAlly membership site was custom designed by the client, and implemented by JD Waterhouse using the client's theme of choice: Impreza.

Implementing the design presented some unique challenges. The client wanted the appearance of slides with additional content beneath, but wanted the entire page to "slide" forward and backward. This required some custom coding and CSS magic on top of the Slide Anything plugin, but in the end we achieved the desired look and functionality.

We used AccessAlly Pro's gamification features in a somewhat unorthodox way. Private notes, progress objectives (for checklists), and quizzes (for self-assessment scoring) were put to use to implement "homework" for members. We also provided a journal page where all of these are collected in one place, and can be printed to a PDF.

We fully customised the branding by replacing the AccessAlly menu progress indicators and objective checkboxes with out own.

Here's what the client said:

"We established trust with you in the beginning and this was maintained throughout the project. We appreciated your open and honest communication! You were always able to find a workaround and accommodate our requests.

Thank you Julie - We know this project was tough and you helped us overcome LOTS of road bumps. Thank you for your patience, care, diligence and knowledge."

Chloë Drayton, Liberated Leaders, Australia