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Membership / Development

This site was designed to follow the client's existing brand.

Using the AccessAlly plugin, we created a membership portal for neXco National’s current and future members to collaborate as a community, and to house important documents they need to run a successful chapter. In addition, the portal contains training courses for chapter leaders, new members, and trainings on how to use their referral tracking system.

We made heavy use of AccessAlly's Directories feature to create public and private member directories, as well as separate directories of applicants for each chapter. We customised member profiles to include basic personal information as well as detailed information about the member's organisation. We also customised the directory display to show each Chapter's leadership team at the top of the directory, in order by role (President first, then VP, etc).

We have also embedded some Storyline content into the site that was created before neXco began using AccessAlly.

neXco National Team Management Dashboard Page
neXco National Training Best Practices Page

Here's what the client said:

"Our site looks amazing, our members love it AND I have resource documents I can access when I need to know how to do something.

The amount of feedback I personally have received about the site and how easy it is to access member resources and update member profiles has been astonishing!

Julie follows through with her commitments and the final product is exactly what we wanted."

Lindsey Sullivan
Vice President of Operations
neXco National
Oakton, VA, USA

Lindsey Sullivan