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Here's what the client said:

"Julie has been a critical member of my business team for several years. And not to be dramatic, but everything changed (big time!) when Julie joined it. Previously, I had a history of developers who were messy coders, non-communicative during builds, didn't play well with other team members, and always running behind. Julie came highly recommended to me, and she has over delivered on all of my expectations. And I expect a lot!

Not only is Julie incredibly communicative during every step of our work together, you can tell she really cares about you, your business, and your success. She makes recommendations for how to better execute on your vision, works tirelessly to solve tech issues that emerge, and if crises do happen she will jump in quickly to ensure resolution happens. I have worked with Julie on at least a dozen sites/updates, and she has been a joy to work with on every one.

I used to dread working on websites because I felt like the process was unpredictable. That has all changed. I always know what my investment will be, how long it will take for a project to be completed, and as a result, I'm able to focus more on serving my clients and creating new offerings rather than micromanaging what's happening with my sites or the people working on them.

I would recommend Julie as a developer to coaches, consultants, experts, and online entrepreneurs looking for a dependable team member who has the knowledge and skill to turn your visions into reality - with ease and excellence."

Alexia Vernon, Coach and Author,, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Alexia Vernon


Design by: Phoenix Muranetz

I've worked with Alexia for a few years now, on several iterations of her various websites. This project was a complete rebranding of her main website, Alexia brought in her own designer, and my team implemented the website using the X theme.

Alexia is a delight to work with! She is one of my most organised clients; she plans her updates well ahead of time, and  always has all her content ready by our mutually agreed-upon deadlines.

Alexia is also an ongoing maintenance client of mine. We keep a number of her sites up to date and operating smoothly, and jump in to make tweaks and changes as needed.

Note: At JD Waterhouse, we do have a designer we regularly partner with, but I'm happy to work with my clients' web-savvy designers, so if you have someone you're used to working with, it's no problem, as long as they are used to designing for the web (print is very different). I'm more than happy to chat with your designer of choice, and make sure our working styles mesh.