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Emilia is my design partner. She's the one I call on when I need to create something beautiful for a client. This time, the site was her own! She's responsible for the look and feel, and I implemented her design and the AccessAlly magic behind the scenes.

We made this site the home for all of Emilia's protected content. It includes private areas for each of her custom website clients (where they can go to view personalised videos from Emilia), her signature course: DIY Website Whiz, free tech trainings that she offers to those who opt-in, as well as access to the custom WordPress themes that she sells.

We used AccessAlly credits to allow Website Whiz members to unlock one of the paid themes, as well as a brand kit and logo, as part of their course access. Giving a credit allows course members to select the particular theme, logo, and brand kit they want from among Emilia's many choices.  We arranged the site navigation and access permissions, and set up order forms so that those the custom themes could also be sold independently outside of the course.

Here's what the client said:

"Julie and her team were so helpful from start to finish with any questions I had regarding my new membership site, training me on how to create additional courses as well as providing so many helpful suggestions and guidance about what I should do for my courses' functionality and user experience.

We were able to craft together a beautiful site (gets compliments all the time!) and once a user logs in, I get compliments on how easy everything is to understand, view and they definitely get that sense of community - which was my goal.

So grateful to work with Julie on this and would recommend her process, know-how and services to anyone who's looking to create a membership of their own."

Emilia Farrace,
Founder, Simply Elaborate,,
Toronto, ON, Canada