Preschool Plan It

"I was worried that I would not understand the 'tech talk' and I really needed to work with someone who was A. patient enough to help train me through the journey and B. was comfortable 'translating' tech on a regular basis to me. From the very beginning, Julie naturally helped me understand the tech I needed to know, the terms I needed to know and explained them in a language I could understand. And she continues to do this all the time (to which I am so very grateful!). I don't have to take a "tech" class to keep up with all the jargon...I've learned about how to use the technology I have thanks to Julie's training!

I'm so happy and pleased that we continue to work together on my site. Julie's knowledge of ONTRAPORT, AccessAlly and how they play together has been the hugest asset to me and my team! She is available to brainstorm changes that will result in higher retention and/or ease of use for my members. When I discuss what I want to do or change and why, she immediately knows how I can make that happen!

My membership site is so clean and easy to understand for my members. I've been told that other sites are great regarding the content but how to find items was not intuitive...they have found this membership site refreshing!"

Cheryl Hatch

Cheryl Hatch
Preschool Plan It
Watertown, MA, USA

AccessAlly Membership

Cheryl has been a delight to work with since day one. It's a pleasure to work with someone who is genuinely dedicated to creating the best experience for her members. We've created a colourful site for her using lots of fun images created by her designer. The look and feel caters perfectly to her target audience of preschool teachers.

We've taken special care to make the site intuitive and easy to navigate, since her members are often not technically inclined. Cheryl is very mindful of her members' needs, and wanted to include an instructional welcome video series for them. We've used AccessAlly Pro to unlock each video in sequence, and then used AccessAlly credits to give members a bonus when they have watched all the videos.

Cheryl is making extensive use of AccessAlly's credit system. Her members also get credits each month that they can use to unlock the content of their choice, which is a key value of the membership.

We've also done some fancy footwork to use both WordPress posts, and protected content to display her content in visual way. We made use of the PowerPack for BeaverBuilder content grid module, and the built-in WordPress categories feature, to make the content easy to search.

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