Here are some products and services that I use, trust and recommend. I hope that some of them can help you in your own business.

Note: Some of the links to the products and services below are affiliate links, which means if you purchase them, I may receive a referral fee. Rest assured that this fee never increases the cost to you, and that I only recommend products that I fully believe in.


WP Engine or Kinsta

I used to recommend Siteground for hosting, however recent changes to their system have caused caching-related problems that lead to inconsistencies in user experience, such as users being denied access to pages they should have access to, or being redirected to the login page. AccessAlly (as well as other LMS and membership systems) have not been able to resolve these issues through Siteground support, and so Siteground is no longer a recommended hosting provider for use with membership or LMS sites.

WP Engine and Kinsta are currently the top two picks for WordPress and AccessAlly hosting.


To go along with WordPress, you’ll need a theme. I believe it’s always worth getting a premium theme; they tend to have better documentation, testing, support, and potential for customization.


This is a great theme for people who are looking for a highly customisable, well-supported, theme. It’s got an easy to use, drag and drop interface. Once big bonus that makes BeaverBuilder better than Divi and most of the other drag and drop theme builders out there, is that it doesn’t leave any nasty shortcodes behind if you ever decide to switch themes later. (But why would you?).


Elementor is another popular and flexible theme that has all the same advantages as BeaverBuilder, including not leaving shortcodes behind if you switch later.



Backups: Save yourself some potential heartache and make sure your WordPress site is backed up! I use and recommend Backup Buddy from iThemes on my own site and my client sites. It’s saved my bacon on numerous occasions, and is the first plugin I install when I’m setting up a new site. Can’t. Live. Without.

The AccessAlly family of plugins

As a proud AccessAlly Certified Partner, I recommend all of the following plugins, created by Nathalie Lussier and Robin Li. These two care so much about creating the best products to serve their user community. You can always be sure that their plugins will be of high quality, with new features added regularly.


If you want a polite popup for your website (i.e., one that converts rather than annoying your visitors), and you want it to be easy to configure so that it looks professional, look no further than PopupAlly!


Building a Membership site?  AccessAlly is hands-down the best membership plugin for you if you are using  Ontraport, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, or ConvertKit. It’s packed with cool features, and easy to use. The Pro version of the plugin includes a rich set of gamification features that make your online courses and membership areas interactive. Visitors can track their progress through your content. Oh, and did I mention that you can now use this plugin to create simple quizzes, certificates, and social sharing? Get a 7-day free trial of AccessAlly here.


Need help implementing any of the above? I’m an AccessAlly Certified Partner. Contact me for a chat to see how I can help.

Video Hosting


AccessAlly supports vimeo, Wistia, and YouTube for hosting your videos, and integrating with video progress objectives (i.e., progress objectives that are automatically checked off when someone watches your video). Of all of these solutions, I recommend vimeo. It hits the sweet spot, balancing reasonable pricing with a rich feature set.

Email Marketing & Lead Generation


ONTRAPORT is an all-in-one marketing automation solution. It houses your email system, your CRM database, your landing page builder, your marketing funnel manage, and more, all under one roof. It automates, personalizes, analyzes, and makes your toast for breakfast! (Okay, I’m kidding about the last one, but it does everything else!).

I love the way the interface lays out sequences in a logical, step-by-step fashion. ONTRAPORT is made for the way my brain works :-).

If you’re thinking of getting started with ONTRAPORT, make sure to contact me. As an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant, I can help you find the right plan, and get you started with some onboarding services.

Website Analysis Tools

GTMetrix and Pingdom

Visitors will click away if your website does not load within a couple of seconds. Google is starting to tag web pages with a “SLOW” tag if they are slow to lead, which indicates that they will start to use page load speed as a ranking factor. Check the responsiveness of your own site with these free tools:

GTmetrix (checks website performance)

pingdom (checks page load time)

Google Analytics

If you don’t know where your visitors are coming from, or what they’re doing on your website once they get there, then how can you improve? Get yourself signed up for Google Analytics and start tracking! It doesn’t cost anything, and you can learn a lot about your site.

Peek User Testing

Want to know what a real human being thinks of your website? Try peek. You can get a 5 minute video review of your website from a real person. And it’s free!



I recommend as the platform for creating your website. WordPress powers 30% of the Internet; that’s over 75 million websites! WordPress is extremely flexible, and comes with loads of great plugins (extra bits of pre-built functionality for your site), many of which are free. If you use WordPress, make sure to create a self-hosted site, as opposed to a one. Although offers free hosting, you end up with many restrictions and lots of advertising on your site in exchange. I think it’s far better to have control of your own website by using on your own host.

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