Website Services to Fit Your Needs, by Julie Waterhouse

You’ve got the basics of your website in place, and now you want to improve it, add on to it, or move it!

I provide friendly and professional website services for your small business. From WordPress help, website creation, migration, and backup, to shopping cart integration, mailing list opt-ins and more, I’m here to help!

If you’re not really sure exactly what you need to improve, consider starting with a comprehensive website review.

I can help you with website services that include:

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[wptabtitle] WordPress Website Migration[/wptabtitle]
Need to switch to a different host?  Changing your domain name?  I’ll get your website up and running just like it was before with my migration website services.

The “Moving On” Package includes:

  • creation of a full backup of your existing website
  • duplication of your website on your new domain and/or host
  • one year license for Backup Buddy plugin ($80 value, included!)
  • installation and configuration of the BackupBuddy plugin on your new website
  • testing to make sure your old site is happy in its new home!

Fee: $197 Turnaround time is approximately one week.
[wptabtitle] WordPress Performance Tuning[/wptabtitle]
It’s tempting to concentrate solely on making your website beautiful, but the truth is that page load time is what your visitors really care about. They simply click away if a page takes too long to load. After about 4 seconds, you’ve lost one quarter of your visitors, and it’s all downhill from there! And did you know that page load time is becoming a significant factor in search engine ranking as well. You can’t afford to neglect this important aspect of your website. Let me offer a little WordPress help, with one of my performance tuning website services!

The “Tune It Up” Package includes:

  • installation and configuration of the W3 Total Cache plugin
  • installation and configuration of WP, and retroactive application of to your existing images
  • before and after performance reports from, to show improvement in your website’s grade

Fee: $147 Turnaround time is one to two weeks.
[wptabtitle] WordPress Backup and Restore[/wptabtitle]
Give yourself peace of mind that your WordPress site is fully backed up. Stuff happens! If you accidentally overwrite something, install a rogue plugin, or your server fails, then you’ll be covered. Make sure you back up your files and your database too. Your WordPress database contains every post, comment and link you have on your blog. If it gets zapped, you stand to lose everything you’ve ever written! With a proper backup in place, you’ll be able to quickly restore things if there’s ever a problem. For extra peace of mind, put your backups on autopilot, so you can rest easy, and trust that your website data is being safely backed up every week. Invest in one of my backup website services packages.

The “Peace of Mind Backup” WordPress Help Package includes:

  • one year license for Backup Buddy plugin ($80 value, included!)
  • installation of plugin and configuration to perform automated weekly backups
  • creation of initial complete backup
  • testing of a full website restore (a step many people leave out!)

Fee: $147 Turnaround time is approximately one week.
Let’s book a 30 minute chat now so we can discuss your technical support needs. Then you can check “backups” off your list, and sleep well tonight!

The “I Need It Back Now!” WordPress Help Package includes:

  • complete restoration of your website to the state of your most recent backup
  • expedited turn-around (within 24 hours)

Note: This package is only available if you are already running BackupBuddy, or another backup system.

Fee: $97 for BackupBuddy users. Turnaround time is less than 24 hours.
Fee: $147 for other backup systems. Turnaround time is less than 24 hours.
Contact me so I can help you get your website back ASAP!
[wptabtitle] WordPress Help: Complete Health Check[/wptabtitle]
To make sure your clients always have the best experience with your website, I offer a complete health check package. Make sure everything is backed up, tuned up, and up to date! This website services package includes:

  • everything in the “Peace of Mind Backup Package”
  • everything in the “Tune It Up” Package
  • plus making sure WordPress and all your plugins are up to date
  • plus fixing any broken links

Fee: $197 Best Deal!Turnaround time is approximately two weeks.
[wptabtitle] Photo Preparation for the Web[/wptabtitle]
Do you have any photos on your website?  Do they represent you, your products, and your business in a professional way?  Images have instant and significant visual impact on visitors to your website, and the photos you post will be used to instantly judge the calibre and credibility of your business.  Make sure you have top quality photos on your website!I have a strong background in photography, and I’m a Photoshop whiz! I can help you to polish your existing images or source inexpensive stock images if you don’t have the right photos in your own collection.

The Image Preparation Package includes:

  • colour and contrast correction
  • removal of minor distractions
  • cropping
  • minor retouching
  • resizing (large images can slow down your website’s response time)

Example – colours adjusted to match website theme:

Example – image cleaned up:

Fee: $25 (single image); inquire about discounts for 10 images or more. Turnaround time is approximately 2 days.

The Image Sourcing Package includes:

  • Time saver! After understanding your needs, I will search through the thousands of images on iStockPhoto to pick a handful that are compelling, and suitable for your website. I will create a lightbox of my recommended images on IStockPhoto, from which you can choose your favourites (iStockPhoto licensing fees not included).

Fee: $25 (single set of image requirements); inquire about discounts for 10 images or more. Turnaround time is approximately 2 days.

Other custom image services are available – just ask!
[wptabtitle]Mailing Lists, Opt-Ins, and Freebies[/wptabtitle]
Even in this age of social media, email marketing is alive and well, and essential for your business. In fact, email marketing still converts better than search or social media. The vast majority of people have an email account, and check it more than once a day. If you don’t have an email list, you are missing an incredibly valuable marketing tool for your business. Let’s fix that! Invest in one of my mailing list website services packages:

The “Zero to Mailing List Package” includes:

  • creation and configuration of a new mailing list with a provider of your choice (e.g., MailChimp, AWeber, 1ShoppingCart, Constant Contact, iContact, etc. (email marketing provider’s fees not included)
  • set up of a complete set of forms and emails to manage the subscription process, branded with your colors, logo, and custom copy (to be provided by you) including, as appropriate:
    • opt-in form
    • opt-in thank you page
    • opt-in confirmation email
    • opt-in confirmation page
    • final welcome email
    • unsubscribe page
    • unsubscribe success page
    • update profile form
    • update profile thank you page
  • placement of opt-in form on your website
  • set up of automated delivery of your “opt-in freebie” (freebie to be provided by you; I can offer advice)
  • Half hour phone consultation for a tour of the mailing list provider interface
  • One month of follow up support for questions

Fee: $247 Approximate turn-around time is one week.
Don’t wait any longer! Book a 30 minute consultation with me now so we can discuss the technical support you need to get started with a mailing list asap!
[wptabtitle]Newsletter/eZine Setup[/wptabtitle]
Once you have an audience, you need to keep them engaged. It’s time to send them something! Consistency is key. Let me help you by setting up a professional, branded newsletter template that you can fill out and send on a regular basis.

The “Stay Connected” Package includes:

  • creation of a customized newsletter template for your mailing list provider that you can fill in each time you want to send a message
  • a half hour phone consultation to walk through how to use the template
  • one month of follow up support for questions

Being registered with a mailing list provider (e.g., MailChimp, AWeber, 1ShoppingCart, Constant Contact etc.) is a pre-requisite to this package.

Fee: $97 Approximate turn-around time is one week.
Book your 30 minute consultation with me now so we can discuss your technical support needs, and get ready to strengthen your relationship with your clients.
[wptabtitle]Search Engine Optimization (SEO)[/wptabtitle]
Get yourself FOUND! Organic search results (results that are generated by the search engines in response to the keywords entered by a user) are trusted far more than any paid links. Make sure your website shows up when someone searches for keywords relevant to your business. I can help you improve your search engine ranking with your WordPress, SBI or HTML website through activities like:

  • the addition of relevant titles and meta descriptions for your pages
  • rewording of the text on your page to focus on a specific keyword
  • installation and configuration of the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin

Everyone needs something a little different! Book a free and friendly 30 minute consultation with me now so we can discuss your technical support needs and how I can create a custom website services solution just for you.
You’re a business!  By definition, you have a product or service to sell. The online sales channel is becoming increasingly important for today’s small business owner. If you don’t have a way for your customers to buy from you online, you are missing an important source of revenue.  My eCommerce website services packages can help you with:

  • shopping cart setup and website integration (e-Junkie, 1ShoppingCart, Clickbank, or Infusionsoft)
  • payment processor set-up and website or shopping cart integration (PayPal)

Everyone needs something a little different! Book a free and friendly 30 minute consultation with me now so we can discuss your technical support needs and how I can create a custom website services solution just for you.
If you’re not measuring it, you can’t improve it! One advantage of the increased presence of technology in your business is the ability to easily track valuable data related to your customers and sales funnel. You can use this data to improve your bottom line. My metrics website services package can help you to:

  • set up Google Analytics for your website and/or your mailing list
  • customize goals so you are tracking meaningful metrics for your business
  • learn how to interpret and act on the results

The “Measure Your Way to Success” Package includes:

  • a 30 minute one-on-one consultation to determine what metrics are most important to measure for your business
  • set-up of your Google Analytics account and connection to your business website
  • addition of code to your WordPress or HTML website to enable tracking
  • set up of custom goals in Google Analytics to measure key metrics for your business
  • after one month (to allow time for some meaningful data collection), a 30 minute one-on-one consultation to walk you through and explain how to interpret the data gathered, and recommend what you should watch going forward
  • three 10 minute follow-up calls to review the data, after one week, two weeks, and one month

Fee: $197 Turnaround time for initial set-up of account, tracking code, and goals is one to two weeks.
Book your free and friendly 30 minute consultation now.


Looking to build or redesign you website from scratch?

Website Services

Whether you’re looking for help with something specific, or you need hand-holding from start to finish, I’m here for you! Don’t see what you need listed?  Not packaged quite how you want? I’m flexible! We can create a custom package. Don’t want to read through all the options? Book a free and friendly 30 minute phone consultation now, and we can talk about what website services you need.

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