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"Engaging Julie for the custom development of my AccessAlly membership site was hands down the best business decision I could have made. My membership is unique with surprising complexity but Julie’s creativity and solution-focused approach turned my dreams into reality, even finding a solution for a seemingly unsolvable problem."

Lindsay Recknell


AccessAlly Membership Site

This membership site is an online yearbook. Jennifer's clients are schools and academic institutions who want to have an online point of connection for their students. The site makes heavy use of AccessAlly's member directory feature. Students can fill in standard demographic information about themselves, as well as answering fun questions about things like their favourite movie. We've built some fun online "personality" quizzes which the students can complete to determine what kind of superhero they are and more! Their answers earn them badges that are displayed in their profile. Students can search (within their own school only, and optionally filtered by grade) to find classmates with the same interests.

We used AccessAlly's Private Notes feature to create a time capsule for students to answer questions about themselves. Students are able to come back each year and update their information, while still retaining access to their old yearbook info.

We've white-labelled the Profile and Directory pages, as well as the welcome emails for each school to reflect the school's branding.

The site is built using the BeaverBuilder theme and the AccessAlly Pro plugin for the membership, and is backed by the ActiveCampaign CRM.

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